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August 2011:

She did it!

Bonnie T. came home wearing 4 GOLD MEDALS from the Dragonboat World Championships in Tampa, FL.

Next up… The Worlds in Hong Kong!


June 2011:
Big news! Bonnie T. has been selected for TEAM CANADA Mixed in the Grand Dragon division (over 50) to compete at the DRAGONBOAT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tampa this August, 2011!! Bonnie is training now to pull away from the competition in the 200 m, 500 m, 1000 m and 2000 m races… and leave them in her wake!

Bonnie is right at home competing – she was a member of Team Canada Women’s in 2009, competing in Prague and winning gold in all races. She’s 3 time Canadian and
2 time World Club Crew champions, having competed in Malaysia and Macau, China. She’s now preparing to qualify for the Club Crew Worlds in Hong Kong next summer by racing at the Canadian Championships in July 2011.

We’re so proud to have Bonnie at The County Club ~ she’s taken her workouts to a higher level and has enabled herself to prepare for the National Team fitness testing and outrigger canoe time trials. We love it when our clients achieve their goals!

May 2011:
Not only is Nancy C. making herself look good, but us too! In 6 short months, she’s lost 10 lbs, lost 7.5% body fat and decreased her overall measurements by 10″. Congrats!

May 2011:
Consistency pays off. Theresa D. has been training at The County Club for 9 months now and due to her dedication and determination, has changed her stats. Check her numbers out:
• 6% reduction in body fat
• 16.75″ taken off of her measurements

May 2011
We can’t forget about the fella’s! Steve H. has been focused on the program we designed for him for 6 months and has managed to pack on 5 lbs of muscle, adding 2″ to his overall chest measurement… all while reducing his body fat by 3%! Steve, you’re making us look good buddy!

August 2010:
After 3 months of dedication in the gym, and at home with her food selections, Vickie K. dramatically changed her statistics. She lost 20 lbs, reduced her overall bodyfat by 10% and trimmed off a total of 20″ from her measurements.

August 2010:
His 3 month re-assessment earned a gold star! Steve S. lost 15 lbs. and reduced his bodyfat by 9%. Way to go Steve!

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