Protein Shakes

Refuel and Replenish after your workout

Perhaps you just finished a killer workout and feel
on top of the world, or maybe you’re thrilled you completed your routine for the very first time?
No matter what your level of fitness, it’s beneficial
to have protein within 30 minutes after training
to give them the nutrition to recover and grow.

Now the hard part. Which flavour? We whip up some wicked combinations to try. They all contain 25 g of protein… and they all go down oh so well. Your body is gonna love you for it!

~ Chocolate Coffee
~ Peanut Butter* Chocolate Truffle
~ Cinnamon Roll
~ Key Lime Pie
~ Orange Creamsicle
~ Peanut Butter* & Jam
~ Peanut Butter & Banana
~ “The Hulk” (pistachio & mint)
~ Mixed Berries

* Peanut butter can be replace with Almond Butter for anyone with allergies.

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