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Proud to be most well outfitted
health club in all of Prince Edward County.

We dedicate ourselves to the service we provide to help you attain your health and fitness goals: Education. It’s what sets us apart from other gyms that seem to forget about you after you pay to join. We know the only way you’ll succeed is if you know what you’re doing. Exercises, proper form, heart rate zones, reps and sets, how much weight to use, what exercise to do, how to treat an injury you may have, anti-aging exercises, what to eat?… this is our specialty. Through the process of our Fitness Assessment and Personalized Exercise Program, we gain the knowledge of understanding your body and will teach you what exercise regime will work best for you.

There is no need to be lost in an unstaffed facility where there is no professional to ask for help… or be in a sea of bodies in a large class where an instructor can’t see you because you in the back row. We’re here to help, answer questions, educate and train you so you transform into an ever better, fitter version of you.




Membership Packages:

All of our packages include:

• the first 3 months of your club membership (membership is based on 12 months)
• Comprehensive Diagnostic Fitness Assessment + Personalized Program

These two services are critical for your success and attaining your goals. We will book you in over three 60 min. appointments that will cover:

Step 1: Your Diagnostic Assessment
Meet and review your Health Questionnaire, take your body measurements and discuss nutrition.

Step 2: Complete Your Assessment
Finish cardiovascular tests and strength and flexibility components.

Step 3: Your Personalized Program
We initially focus on your deficient areas and prescribe specific movements to strengthen them. Your trainer will be by your side, guiding you every rep of the way. We will teach you how to set up the equipment properly and what form to maintain throughout the movement.

Final Step:
After the initial 3 months package ends, easy monthly membership payments begin. And yes, you have the option of freezing your membership if you’re lucky enough to enjoy an extended holiday, and find yourself out of the County for a long period of time. For only $5/month, you membership remains active and prevents you from having to pay an initiation fee all over again when you come home.

1) QuickStart Package
Our basic package that sets you on the right path to help you attain your desired fitness goals.

2) Educational Package
Recommended for people who are new to fitness and need guidance and instruction on the gym floor or who have limitations within their bodies.

3) Personal+ Package
Designed for members who want to fast track their results. We’ll train you over the next three months and get you to your goals faster than you trying to on your own. This assures success!  10 hour-long personal training sessions are included in this package.

4) Senior/Student

Our basic package offered at a reduces rate for teens and seniors. Get the right advice the first time!

5) Corporate Combo
Our QuickStart package offered at a reduced rate to four or more staff members who join from the same business.

6) Follow-Up
Track your progress and discover how your body measurements from your initial assessment have changed, all from your dedication and hard work! 2 hour-long personal training sessions are included to complete a fitness re-assessment and revised program.

NEW OFFERING: Short Term Memberships

1, 2 and 3 month memberships can be purchased for those who cannot commit to our usual year contract. If you enjoy a few months at a cottage or rental property and are looking for an elite facility to continue your lifestyle, we can provide a short term membership for your stay.

Day Passes/10 Visit Pass

We now have our doors open to non-members looking to train for the day. Please remember to bring clean, indoor training shoes as that is a mandatory requirement for entry.


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