Contest Preparation

We have a growing stable of athletes that come to us for our experience and expertise on show preparation. We provide everything from:

- specific training programs for: bikini, fitness, figure, physique and bodybuilding categories
- one-on-one training
- nutrition plans
- posing guidance
- support on the day of your show

Your initial meeting with us is complimentary. It gives us the opportunity to meet, discover what your current nutrition and training plan consists of, as well as your show date goal.

Second appointment will include taking body measurements. From these results, we’ll have an understanding of areas that need to be focused on to give you the best overall, symmetrical package that you can have on stage. Your initial training program will be provided to you as well as your nutritional guideline.

Additional appointments will be booked. The frequency of them vary’s with each individual.

Contact us know to book in your first free session!

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